Glow Artisan is an award winning, colorful, and unique puzzle game available now for iOS, the Nintendo DSiWare™ service, and Windows Phone 7.
(Windows Phone 7 link opens Zune marketplace.)

Puzzle fans will take a shine to this one… you won’t want to put it down!

Powerhead Games has constructed a puzzle game with such depth and scale that every other game within the same genre has been put to shame. I mean, there are puzzle games and then there’s Glow Artisan.

“plays beautifully”, “Silver award”

Glow Artisan is a great buy for puzzle lovers and puzzle makers

Glow Artisan is a must-own for anyone who even calls themselves a puzzle fan.

Glow Artisan is an exceedingly clever puzzle game…

…undoubtedly one of the best launch titles available on Windows Phone…

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Glow Artisan for Windows Phone 7 is a game that should not be missed if you want to tap your phone for some fun: it is original, but inspired by classic puzzle games; easy to pick up, but challenging as you progress through.