Glow Artisan is an award winning colorful and unique puzzle game available now for iOS,  Nintendo DSiWare™ service, and Windows Phone 7!

(Windows Phone 7 link opens Zune marketplace.)

Glow is the winner of the Best Mobile Game Design award from the Independant Games Festival!

Check out the trailer for the European DSiWare Glow Artisan:

Here’s the North American DSiWare trailer:

Glow Artisan is a great buy for puzzle lovers and puzzle makers

Glow Artisan is a must-own for anyone who even calls themselves a puzzle fan.

Puzzle fans will take a shine to this one… you won’t want to put it down!

Glow Artisan is an exceedingly clever puzzle game…

…undoubtedly one of the best launch titles available on Windows Phone…

Glow Artisan for Windows Phone 7 is a game that should not be missed if you want to tap your phone for some fun: it is original, but inspired by classic puzzle games; easy to pick up, but challenging as you progress through.


Powerhead Games has constructed a puzzle game with such depth and scale that every other game within the same genre has been put to shame. I mean, there are puzzle games and then there’s Glow Artisan.

“plays beautifully”, “Silver award”


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